The Referral Program

Earn a Free Mini Session

I want to reward all of my AMAZING clients with this program!

All you have to do is recommend Laura Leigh Photography to all of your friends and family!

If I get 5 bookings from your recommendations,
You get a FREE Mini Session!

Just be sure to tell everyone to use your name as a reference when they schedule so that you get the credit! They Must leave your name in the Comments when they schedule!

The Fine Print

To take advantage of this program, the person making the referrals must be a Current Client.

A current Client is defined as someone who has completed a session with me within the past 12 months.

Model calls do not count in a session the past 12 months.

You must have booked and paid for a session to qualify.

Currently booked Clients will be able to take advantage of this offer as soon as the shoot is completed and paid in full.

All 5 referred sessions MUST be scheduled, paid for , AND completed before they will be counted toward the referral credit.

Referrals alone, that does not result in an actual booking & session taking place, will not be counted toward the FREE session.

The referred customer MUST mention that 'X Client' recommended Laura Leigh Photography when scheduling their session.

The 'Client' cannot 'claim' that they referred the customer.

The Referral only counts if the 'referred' customer is the person that mentions you - so make sure that your referral knows to mention your name!

The free session will be a 15 minute session at the location of the Photographer's choosing.

The free session CAN NOT be used for weddings , newborns or a Limited specialty themed session.

Once notified that you have received a free session, the session MUST be COMPLETED within 3 months from the notified date.

The expiration date will be provided and the actual session date must be PRIOR to the expiration date.

There is no limit to the amount of recommendations that can be made, or the amount of free sessions that can be won.

However, a 'Client' cannot recommend another 'Client.'

Laura Leigh Photography will keep record of all references and will notify you if you are eligible for a free session. 

Laura Leigh Photography reserves the right to alter, change, or discontinue the referral program at any time

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