Cake Smash Session

- up to a 45 minute session
-Cake not Included
-30 digital images
-one backdrop
- Pre-cake, Cake and Tub


Cake Smash Mini Session

-up to a 20 minute session
-Custom Cake Not included
-10 Digital images
-One Outfit
-1 background from my current cake smash collection


Completely Custom Cake Smash

This session is for a custom made from scratch set with Foam cutouts like pictured to your theme!
You will keep your cuts outs that you can then use for the party!

up to a 45 Minute session
30 digital images
Cake not Included


Check out some of my Cake Smash Sessions here!

I reccomend Sweets by Cindy for your Cake.

Tips for a great cake smash session

  • Introduce your little one to cake before the session so the sweetness isn't shocking
  • MORNING, I have shot cake smashes all parts of the day and babies are ALWAYS happier around 10AM -11AM
  • Choose a outfit that matches the backdrop selected. Tutus, diaper covers, suspenders .ETC are always CUTE
  • Bring things that make baby laugh so you get those big ol' grins
  • Just because the birthday is one theme doesn't mean you cant be unique and choose an adorable different theme for the photos
  • Bring baby a drink, They will want a drink to wash down that cake.
  • things get MESSY and that's ok. Encourage it. Clap, tell them they are doing a job job and keep the environment uplifting. They can sense frustration and tension.
  • If your little one does not like cake, try an alternative like spaghetti!
  • need help picking a theme lets brainstorm ideas just send me a message and i can help!

If Baby has any allergies please let me know at booking so i can relay the information to Cindy at Sweets by cindy. we want to make sure the cake is safe for baby! If you want to subsitute the cake for something else like a pot of spagetti or tacos thats dooable too!