Newborn Session Prep Guide

When to Schedule?

I recommend scheduling your newborn session about 7 - 8 months along in your pregnancy. schedule a tentative date. Then once baby is here we can change if needed ♥ Baby should be 3 days to 21 days old for the newborn session around day 7 to 10 is the perfect time!!

What to do before coming to the Studio...

This is where almost all of the prep happens so we will do this in a few sections.

  • Baby Prep
  • sibling Prep
  • Momma Prep
  • Daddy Prep

Baby Prep

Most of these steps are crucial to having a successful photoshoot with a newborn, TRUST me i've photographed hundreds of babies over the last 10 years.

  1. Keep baby awake for 2 -3 hours before the session. ok i know that's harder said than done. This will ensure baby is nice and tired for the session and will sleep soundly so we can have all the most adorable poses.
  2. if you live within 20- 25 minutes from the studio you can feed baby a full feeding prior to leaving the house. If you live more than 25 minutes from the studio arrive 15 minutes to 20 minutes early and feed baby that full feeding at the studio.
  3. Make sure baby is free of gunk ( you know the stuff in the eye corners, milk crusties around the mouth ..etc
  4. lotion baby up so their skin is nice and buttery

Sibling Prep

Siblings that will be joining us for the session should also be prepped so they're happy the whole session.

  1. make sure they are well rested. this will give us a much better chance at those beautiful smiles with baby.
  2. make sure they are clean, ok i know you keep your babies clean but we all know how toddlers are and can make a mess is 0.1 seconds. haha So before the session check that their face is clean from snacks and dirt. Clean their hands. They will be touching baby and their hands will show. so check under the fingernails too that will show in photos.
  3. What to wear? I highly recommend a simple white or cream color button up, polo or tee free of any logos (a simple tiny brand embroidered in is ok) and Khakis or jeans for boys. For girls, a simple white or cream color dress. A Cute solid cream or white shirt free from patterns with jeans is ok too! Ladies, if you cant find solid a delicate lace detailed dress (like shown) works perfect as well. Just make sure al lthe colors are not bright colors and are light and or muted.
  4. Shoes,Honestly let those piggies show! Shoes are so expensive to have a nice shoe to wear once. So for toddlers who we will see feet let them show (just make sure to make sure they are free from dirt) For older siblings we won't even see the feet so anything is fine.
  5. bring them some entertainment - tablet, toys..etc ( i do have a bucket of toys available as well)

Momma Prep

  • if your breastfeeding avoid caffeine and anything spicy the day of and night before your session. What you eat will affect baby during the session through milk. So avoid anything that may cause baby gas or discomfort.
  • I suggest a cream or white color ( carry this color through the whole family) This can be lacey or textured in any way just keep it solid.
  • make sure your nails are clean they will show. So if your polish is chipping remove it or repaint! ( i'm not saying get your nails done- unless you need a excuse to do it then this is it hahaha )
  • avoid bright bold colors in your makeup- keep it neutral.
  • if you are breastfeeding bring a bottle incase baby needs a snack while nestled in a prop.
  • make sure your wrist are free from hair ties! ( i know im guilty of this one)

Daddy Prep

Dads usually require the minimum prep of all

  • Dad needs to also be in a solid color shirt. patterns a busy and take away from the baby.
  • make sure that dad also has clean hands ( i know why should i have to tell you that ..haha )
  • clear all things from wrist like smart watch..etc (classic watches are ok)

Once you arrive and get baby fed and a fresh diaper, you just sit back relax~ take a nap, read a book, watch tik tok..etc take some you time you have a baby sitter for the newborn for the next hour or so.