Editing List Update

I want to keep all of you up to date on your photos. I know how excited you are to get them and share with everyone.

The photos are edited in the order as they are taken. The date beside your name is the LATEST possible date to expect your photos back to you. If your name has a * beside it then there is a action that needs to be taken care of before your date will be listed. Actions may include unpaid invoice, selecting images from your proofing gallery ..etc

I will update the list daily. The update will occur in the morning.


Kelsey Hughes *

Stephanie Gilpin*

Imani Stateman*

Amy Woods 10/6/20

Michelle Hassell *

Heather Robinson*

Samantha Allen*

Kayla Guest*


Nikki & Jordan 10/12\20

Tabby & Jordan 10/13/20

Lexi & Jordan 10/19/20

Catherine & Bryce 10/20/20

Rhonda & Jordan 10/21/20