Another Move... I know!

Why are you moving again?

My current space is so nice and amazing, but the price tag makes it difficult for me to continue to offer lower rates, special sales, mini session deals and Fun coupon events like my gift hunt and the egg hunt! So my new space will be located in my detached 2 car garage! a garage? its ok I promise, were renovating! On the outside it will be your average garage but on the inside you'll never even know its a garage! It being on my property also means that I will be able to expand my hours to offer those morning sessions and late evening sessions that I'm not currently offering! I will also be offering boudoir sessions inside my home as well as MILK BATHS! how exciting! I know you have questions so I will do my best to cover all of those!

The new address will be 454 North College street, Harrodsburg KY


Will I still be able to offer walk in events ?

Heck Yes! I have a big drive and lots of parking!

Will we still be able to view our photos after the session?

Yes, however you will need to let me know at booking that you also want a viewing. We will go into my home and look at your images on a 70inch 4K TV.

Perks to moving?

I WILL HAVE SERVICE, haha at my current location you may have noticed i currently do not have cell service. I will now! I will also have an Alexa to play music to help get your littles in a happy Space with their favorite songs!

will your prices change?

no, That's one of the main reasons I'm moving! to prevent a price increases. With everything in the world increasing i will be trying my best to cut cost to prevent from having to raise prices to make sure photos are affordable for your family♥