Laura Goode 

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FAQ & Contact 

How does the Process with you work? 

After your session is complete & all the final edits have been made I will upload all your images to a Downloadable Gallery found on the Client Galleries tab, from there you will create your favorites list with the allotted number images and make any additional image purchases  and i will message you your download pin number and password for a new gallery with the images you picked. if you selected to add a password to the gallery and from there you will download your images. 

How do i receive the images? 

You will download them from the client gallery sent to you via E-mail 

Do we get prints ? 

No, All the images are digital. You get a print release to be able to print your own copies 

How long does it take to get them back? 

my turn around time is 2 - 3 weeks for regular sessions and minis. Weddings take 4-12 weeks 

What if i don't have a computer or cant download them? 

You may purchase a disc for $10 to pick up from my pickup box, you may also request a mobile gallery after receiving the gallery. 

can i download on a cell phone? 

Yes, you must request a mobile link and i will send instructions once the request is made 

How do i Book a session? 

Mini sessions are booked under the Mini Session tab, Full mini price is due at booking and is nonrefundable .  regular sessions you must book using the Book now tab. 

What does the package include? 

The package includes my time and talent as a professional photographer, Digital images and use of any of my props 

DO you travel, if so how far?

Yes, i will travel anywhere i'm asked to go♥. Travel fee's may apply. 

If i cancel do i get a refund? 

No, Any and all money paid is non refundable. and is a retainer to hold your date and time. Funds are liquidated for time reserved 

What if there is bad weather or i need to reschedule? 

If you need to reschedule, i allow one reschedule due to sickness, death in the family ..etc 
If its 40 or below or rainy day we will move to the studio or reschedule {will not count as your one reschedule} extreme heat in the summer will also reschedule. Days where the heat index is over 100 sessions will be rescheduled for a cooler day as it can be dangerous to be out in those temperatures. In the winter when it is below freezing we we will reschedule if session is longer than 20 Min. 

What should i wear? 

Color Coordinate instead of matching outfits, Sure the Jeans and White T-shirts look good but what looks even better are well planned outfits. pick a color scheme and coordinate everyone within these colors. 

Here are some good examples of color planning for more tips visit The link below 

Studio Session Hours 

Studio sessions may take place
(hours will vary based on season} 
Mon & Tues : CLOSED 
Wed- Sun: 11AM - 5PM 

On Location Session  Hours 

Outside session may only take place at Sunset or Sunrise 
Mon & Tues : CLOSED 
Wed-Fri : 6PM-8PM 
Sat & Sunday: 6:20AM - 8:30AM  &  6PM-8PM 
(times will vary based on sunrise and sunset times) 

Don't see your question, Contact me! 


406 South Buell Street, 
Perryville KY 40468 



Office Hours

Mon & Tues  CLOSED 
Wed- Friday:   9am- 12pm 
This is the hours i will be available to answer messages and edit. 


406 South Buell Street, Perryville, KY